Bad Credit Catalogues

August 16, 2011

Bad Credit Catalogues
You have a bad credit and your credit card is really just a piece of plastic in shops. But such is the ingenuity of our market system that you can still buy things at a credit without moving out even leaving the house. The answer is bad credit catalogues. As unlikely as the name is, it is a best way to shop for those with a bad credit history.

If you’re looking for a new laptop then you find many online catalogues have some great payment options for laptops with bad credit.

In UK there are a number of such catalogues that offer you this service. They are just as happy to supply to customers with unhealthy credit or even negative credit score. Sure the initial credit offered is very small. But it is often enough to suit your needs. More importantly, it offers you a chance to build up your credit history while stocking up on
much-needed items. You can shop from such catalogue brochures. Most of them
just ask for a few personnel details and that you have a source of income.

Bad Credit Shopping
The solution is to look for catalogues that do not ask for your credit history. Since their transactions are online, they cannot insist on cash payments. It also gives you an opportunity to build up your credit score as you start paying back on time. Start small, build up your credit and soon you’ll have a healthy credit ratings. These catalogues also offer fantastic discounts and items often not found in stores. Here is a list of some bad credits catalogues available in UK:

Additions: It offers customers items without paying anything for 12 months
with ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ scheme.

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