Ambrose Wilson – Bad Credit Account

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For regular shopping, you can open a personal credit account at Ambrose Wilson. A credit check is usually done. Unlike many other shops, those with a bad credit history are limited in the credit amount they can access. This is better than being turned down outright. Typically credit accounts at Ambrose Wilson start at £100. The credit account enables you to do regular shopping at your own pace and in flexible payments. The applicable APR at this online catalogue is 39.9%. Shoppers with bad credit history are encouraged to open this account as they can be able to repair their credit rep with regular payments.

The Ambrose Wilson online catalogue has very good pricing and bargains on items. There are cardigans, for instance, starting at £35. For payment you can negotiate for payment in small amount say for over 5 months which would bring monthly payments to about £6.50 including interest on the purchase price. This is a very flexible payment plan and very affordable. Now, many shoppers can afford to pay £6.50 per month. This gives customers the chance to build up on their credit history gradually with these small payments. For online shoppers doing their purchases through credit account, there is a 28 day period before the generation of the account statement, which can act as an interest free window. This means payments done up to 28 days after purchase do not attract any amount of interest on amount due. After that, the amount has the applicable 39.9% APR on it.

Pricing is very fair on the Ambrose Wilson catalogue. Bras start at £24 a pair, tops at £15 and Joanna Hope jackets at £40. You can save up to 60% with their end of season discount. Their deals of the week are 50% discount on tops, lingerie and men’s footwear. Fitness equipment and cookware attract 20% off, while Arlene Phillips has 70% discount.

For online shoppers with bad credit history, there is a unique shopping chance in repairing this history in shopping at Ambrose Wilson. For one, items are affordable and payable, and done at your own pace. Secondly successful payments go towards building up again the credit history. This gradually qualifies you to get more credit form different lenders and make higher priced purchases. This is a relief for many shoppers in these harsh economic times.

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